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Ingame Player Commands:

!stats <player> - Displays a player's stats. If <player> is omitted it displays yours.
!spree <player> - Displays a players current and top spree. If <player> is omitted it displays yours. Can be used with /c for private message display.
!wep <weapon> - Gives you the weapon specified
! stats <player> - Same as above but displays in private message.
/c register <password> - Use to register an account with EC
/c login <password> - Use to log in to your account, if you have not already been autologged in
/c goto <player> - Teleport to another player
/c saveloc <LocationName> - Use to save a location where you are standing
/c gotoloc <LocationName> - Use to teleport to a saved location
/c nogoto <on/off> - Set whether players can goto you or not.
/c spawnwep <set/list/on/off> - Set your own spawnweps. Try out the commands for examples of how to use them
/c spawnloc <set/on/off> - Set your spawnloc.
! heal - To heal yourself.
/c loc <player> - To find out the location of a player, how far away they are from you and in which direction.
/c forum - Displays the forum address.
/c clanstats <clantag> - Displays the clanstats of a clan.
/c server - Displays how many players are in the server.
/c info - Displays server info
/c script - Displays script info
/c website - Displays website address
/c hp <player> - Displays a player's hp (and vehicle hp if they are in a car)
/c armour <player> - Displays a player's armour
/c report <player> <reason> - Reports a player to admins both ingame and on irc
/c repair - Repairs your car
/c eject - Ejects you from your car
/c id <player> - Displays a player's id
/c changepass <newpass> - To change your password you must be granted the ability by an admin, ask them first
!team team wih your frined
/c kok duel figt with katana


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