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The following actions are prohibited and are strictly punishable in case of their violation.

Spamming the main / team chat

Endless flooding the main chat with the message, that contain no sense is prohibited. Players, that do so may be warned, if they don't stop, such an action can cost them a tempban.

Death Evading

Death evading can be called an action that takes away a chance from you to get killed: Qutting by /q infront of an enemy, being knocked down / on low hp level, switching to the EC menu, Alt-tabbing or /kill cmd abuse, all these are punishable with a tempban.

Ban Evading
Ban-evading is strictly prohibited and may end up for you in being permanently banned OR Banned from server

FPS Adjusting

FPS Adjusting above 30 is allowed, however the players that play below the normal FPS level can get kicked by the admins.

Using advantageous modifications / 3rd Party Programms
Any modification / programm that changes your vehicles behavior, vice city map, player's weapon behavior and so on, giving you a huge advantage over the rest of players is not allowed and is punishable with a permanent ban from the event. However you're still allowed to use graphic mods, that don't either change or remove your ingame textures / make them invisible.

Ghost City

Ghost city is also prohibited and any player, that'll be caught on using it will be banned  without any warning.

Wall-glitching is allowed, however only in the places, that are accessible by foot (sprint, jump).

Sliding isn't allowed and may result in a warn, if a player still continues to slide, they'll be tempbanned.

Hacking Game-Accounts
Joining the server with an another player's nickname is forbidden and may get you kicked, an attempt to log in into admin's account will end up for you in being permanently banned from the Server.

Fast switching with rocket launcher, Rocket-glitching are both forbidden and everyone who's caught on it will be tempbanned.


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